Utility Aid Sponsors Class Project to Reduce Plastic Waste

We want to introduce you to a student called Michael from Our Lady Queen of Peace School in Skelmersdale.  Michael and his class mates are representatives of the school ‘Future Global Leaders’ team and they plan to reduce the schools’ plastic consumption as well as reduce the addition of single-use bottles to landfill.  


Michael knew he wanted to do something to make a difference, but where to start? 


For Michael, the things he heard at school and saw on the news encouraged him to take the first steps towards making a difference.  He was disheartened to learn how plastics pollute our planet and after seeing plastic waste in the river on his way to school, Michael was determined to make good use of his Future Global Leader status and decided to step up and ignite change.


He spoke to his teacher and together with some of his classmates, came up with a plan. Michael emailed businesses to tell them his story and to ask if anyone was able or willing to help.  In the process, Utility Aid met Michael and learned about his plan.


Utility Aid is blown away by Michael’s determination to turn the ideas the group had, into reality! Our Schools Project Manager, Bernadette and Customer Care & Communications Manager, Sasha met Michael’s teacher and the ‘Future Global Leaders’ to discuss moving forwards with the project and Utility Aid’s role in helping with their inspirational journey  


Initially the group investigated buying cheap re-usable bottles from abroad, however, Michael was certain there was more eco-friendly way.  He took matters into his own hands and emailed the Director of a local plastics company, Howard Plastics, who immediately gave Michael the full support the team were hoping for.  


Howard Plastics told Michael, “These global issues are crucial as we battle climate change. Here at Howard Plastics, we take the issues very seriously and have taken several steps to help reduce our impact. These include:

  • Only supplying British made products
  • Only using renewable energy to make our bottles
  • Removing all single use plastic packaging
  • Ensuring all cardboard boxes are made from post-consumer waste”


Howard Plastics is supporting Michael and the Future Global Leader’s team, by offering a discount to the product made, along with a visit around their factory! 


Utility Aid is now a grateful sponsor to the ‘eco-bottle’, and we are aiming for each child in Michael’s class to have one! 

photo of ‘Future Global Leaders’ team In order from left to right they are, Olivia Fairclough, Savannah Rae Hawkes, Michael Phillips, Stephen Jones, Conor Gaudi Lynch, Alesha Harrison, and Logan Pays. Lilly Lomax


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