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Fixed Price Strategy

Fixed Price Strategy

How does Fixed Price Procurement Work?
In a Fixed Price Strategy, your total requirement for energy is purchased in one single transaction. To strike the best possible price for you, timing is key. As such, we only fix the price after receiving notification from our team of analysts, who are tracking live market movements.

What are the benefits of choosing Fixed Price Procurement?
Opting for a Fixed Price Strategy, guarantees prices for the duration of the contract. Thus, enabling budget certainty going forward. If your organisation requires price transparency, and cannot tolerate price movements up or down, then a Fixed Price Procurement Strategy may well be for you.

Can I bundle my energy with a larger Basket, to obtain lower prices?
Utility Aid manages energy 'baskets' containing thousands of properties across the UK. By grouping the energy consumption together, the basket participants benefit from considerable purchasing power. In some instances, prices are often 10% less than direct renewal prices.

How is the process managed?
We use a framework agreement to invite prospective suppliers to tender for the total volume of the basket. Using best practice methodology, we then filter the bids to drive the greatest value for our basket participants.

Summary of benefits
  • Grouping spend to drive best price
  • Protection from future increases throughout the life of contract
  • Tracking of markets to optimise strike price
  • Contract lengths of 12 months, 24 months & 36 months available

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