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The UK's Largest Broker focusing on not-for-profits.

There is nothing special about the energy we sell. It's the same energy all our competitors sell. But there is something special about the way we do it. Where others complicate the process, we simplify it. Where others confuse customers with hidden terms, we're an open book. And where others do all they can to make as much money from their customers as possible, we do all we can to make as little. Everything we do, we do it differently. Our customers are a privilege. One we'll never take advantage of.

Utility Aid + you = £££ saved

The UK's largest broker for the not-for-profit sector. Using our scale to make unbeatable cost recoveries on your energy bills.

Unless otherwise stated, all our quotes are presented with Utility Aid’s fees already included. Fortunately these fees are payable directly by the supplier so you don’t need to worry about it.

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For us, the Invoice Vaidation they offer is as equally important 
as the procurement itself and over the years Utility Aid has identified
 over £40,000 worth of inaccuracies in our bills. We are always kept up to date
 with any supplier issues they have uncovered which are always
 dealt with swiftly and efficiently. This means this can go back into
 our crucial front-line services and allow us to continue our mission to end poverty 
and homelessness in the UK"

Sue Norton, Head of Health, Safety and Facilities at Joseph Rowntree Foundation

"Your customer care is first class and I have no hesitation in 
recommending you and your excellent service. I have almost 30 years experience of in this 
so I am qualified!"

David Burton, Honorary Treasure, St George's Church

"Utility Aid has been instrumental in saving
WWT approximately £10K of unexpected
energy charges, over 80% of the total bill.
They worked hard and passionately on our behalf."

Julia McKay, Head of Finance, The Wildfowl & Wetlands Trust

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The money we save for your organisation can be used to do more good!

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