Void Management Service

Managing occupancies in HMO's or Multiple Properties with multiple suppliers, is time consuming and stressful. Our dedicated team does this for you.

How does the Void Management Service work?

We liaise with both housing officers and suppliers, in order to manage change of tenancies
and unoccupied or abandoned properties. Within one working day, we have a supplier
account updated with the correct occupancy details entered.

What are the benefits of the Void Management Service?

  • Saves time for housing officers as wait times are usually very lengthy
  • One day turnaround
  • Unique login for each user on our bespoke Void Portal software

Key Features of Void Management

  • Processing of change of tenancies for both pre-pay and billed meters
  • Managed pre-pay service available where customers are looking to replace them with billed meters
  • Monthly report on void activity
  • Resolving issues on your behalf
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