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We work hard to save people time and money on their energy procurement. Energy efficiency is particularly important in recent times as we work to tackle the issue of fuel poverty.

A household living in fuel poverty is defined as one needing to spend more than 10% of its income to maintain an adequate heating regime. In 2012, it was reported that this issue was affecting approximately 10% of households in England. Energy efficiency is important to us all though, as we seek to make our money go further in our everyday lives.

We have found that less than 20% of households across the UK have switched their gas and electricity contracts. Meaning that many people have still yet to take advantage of realistic dual fuel savings (of around £200 in the first year after switching).

With this is mind, we have developed a user-friendly, trusted source of information to make it easier for people to switch. By providing them with a simple and effective way to access the domestic energy market.

We have developed a platform, that can be added to an existing website and branded to fit seamlessly, to offer a completely impartial energy switching service. As a part of this domestic switching platform, the following support is offered by UA:

    - Underwritten cost of the installation, development & testing of the site

    - Site hosting for the duration of the contract

    - Direct telephone support

    - A commission

    - Regular meetings to discuss the scheme

    - Additional income generated from partner organisations

    - Opportunity to offer the service to wider community including employees, businesses etc

    - A range of contracts and suppliers, including tariffs for prepayment meters

Our domestic switching platform is a positive, effective step towards a better future for those living in fuel poverty and for those looking to save on their utility bills. Take a look at how UA Genius can help you today.

If you would like to discuss this opportunity further or arrange a demonstration, please contact William Campbell, Commercial Director at WCampbell@utility-aid.co.uk

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