Introducing... The Nicest Job in Britain

We have great news... we're hiring! But what's even better is that the position we're looking to fill is actually the nicest job in Britain.

We've been working very hard to bring together this amazing opportunity and we're just about ready to open the floor up to applications. If you're a willing, passionate, enthusiastic person with the desire to help others then this is one for you.

The role, which is officially titled National Philanthropy Manager, involves helping 45 charities or third sector organisations across the UK in just one year, a different one each week. Naturally, it stems from our do more good ethos. We are able to help charities and third sector organisations to do more good by saving them time and money on their energy procurement and management. What we want to do now is give them back a little time and energy to help them in whichever other ways they require. Enabling them to invest even more into what they do best.

Our National Philanthropy Manager could be fundraising in Leeds one week and decorating a workspace in Cardiff the next. It's all about the individual needs of those involved. But first up, we need to find the perfect person for the job. So we're launching a nationwide campaign asking all potential applicants to submit a short video entry telling us why they are deserving of the nicest job in Britain.

With so many great causes to be helped along the way, we're very excited about making this happen. Take a look at the impressive job package, the great people involved, including headline sponsor British Gas, and apply from 15th September at:

See the launch video below:

Even if we can't tempt you personally, I'm sure you'll have already thought of somebody perfect for the job, or a charity that would like to get involved. You'll find all you need to know over on the Nicest Job in Britain site but don't hesitate to get in touch:

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