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Case study: The Lodging House Mission


The Lodging House Mission is a Glasgow based charity dedicated to providing care and support to homeless, vulnerable and socially excluded people. They give people the opportunity to get their lives back on track by enabling them to develop new skills and feelings of self worth. The Lodging house mission it's driven by its values "to provide care and support to those in need regardless of religion, race, ethnicity or gender. We work together towards one common goal - making a positive difference in people's lives." A mission that resonates deeply with the people of Glasgow and Utility Aid.

What are they trying to achieve?

 Lodging House Mission not only want to reach people who need their services; they want to work towards a larger goal - to sustain, improve and strengthen the services they offer. One example of their remarkable work is their annual provision of 45,000 hot meals to those in need. A powerful illustration of the work Lodging House Mission does that the people of Glasgow love. 


However, Lodging House Mission relies on fundraising and donations to continue their work, therefore, clever financial decisions and meticulous planning are paramount for the charity's success. 

The charity wanted to reduce their energy expenditure to invest more into frontline services. But, like many charities, they didn't have the time or expertise to search the market and make the switch to a better supplier. 

What did we do?

So, how could we (Utility Aid) help Lodging House Mission to save their resources and bring more good to their service users?


Our specialist used knowledge, insight and dedication to source the best deal available for the needs of the charity. Their contracts were aligned to our National Charity Tender allowing them to benefit from Group Purchasing where contracts are approximately 10% less than the market price

The National Charity Tender is a group of hundreds of organisations who have a common end date with The SIMPLE Energy Contract. This has been growing year on year with over 4000 charity meters and millions upon millions of kilowatts of energy grouped together to protect third sector organisations from future energy costs. 

"Lodging House Mission is a wonderful organisation; who do so much for our community. The simple energy contract was selected for the Lodging House Mission because it's safe, accurate, validated and I knew it would protect their cause

Louise Duffy (Energy Specialist)
Glasgow, Utility Aid.


Utility Aid have saved Lodging House Mission 10% on their energy bills and saved them hours of work. This time and money can, instead, be dedicated to their services: food, essential facilities including showers, telephone, laundry and internet. Support staff, counsellors, chaplaincy.

"We always go to Utility Aid first, they do everything for us and it is a huge time saving."

Gus Smeaton (Director)
Lodging House Mission, Glasgow.


Finally, Utility Aid have a strong bond with the charity having supported their energy needs and volunteered with their team. It is a charity we are honoured to protect and support.

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